Believe In Syracuse

Member Spotlight: Paul Colabufo

As a founding member and past President of Believe in Syracuse, Paul Colabufo has had a vital role in the development of our organization – as well as all of the Greater Syracuse Area.

To celebrate the successful efforts to clean Onondaga Lake, Paul coordinated the Onondaga Plunge, which marked the first Onondaga Lake swim in over 70 years.  He also helped organize the first ever Neighborhood Olympics, which may be returning in 2020.

The new Bike Share program coming to Syracuse has kept Paul busy lately.  He is the Community Manager for the program which introduces 200 bikes at 35 different hubs throughout Syracuse. There will be a party to help launch the program.

Paul also founded the one and only Turbo Bocce, played on Tipperary Hill on Tuesday Nights and at Beginnings II on Monday nights. Registration is open now at

Paul is an ambassador for the Greater Syracuse and a fine example of transforming civic pride into civic action.

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