Believe In Syracuse


  • 1. Cultivate an inclusive Believe in Syracuse community where the board, volunteers, and community partners represent Central New York’s demographics.

  • 2. Launch a Greater Syracuse Career Mentoring program with 30 students in spring 2021 that retains youth and talent in the Greater Syracuse community.
  • 3. Fund the “Writing Our Lives” Youth Conference each year and help conference organizers to reach more students.
  • 4. Secure partnerships with 2 new Syracuse-based non-profit organizations each year to address needs in Greater Syracuse that align with the mission of Believe in Syracuse, such as health, youth needs, and literacy.
  • 5. Secure partnerships with one new Syracuse-based small business per month to establish a Believe in Syracuse “Small Business Network” that raises the visibility of these small businesses, drives positive online mentions as well as in-person foot traffic for these businesses.


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