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Greater Syracuse Career Mentoring

Believe in Syracuse(BIS) will launch Greater Syracuse Career Mentors (GSCM) for Say Yes Scholars in 2021. The purpose of GSCM is to develop meaningful relationships between college students and college-educated professionals that guide students as they transition from college to career and retain talent in Central New York (CNY). GSCM increases educational opportunities for students by helping them hone career skills, which will boost college graduation rates throughout our region, and within a few years, this will ultimately fuel our regional economy by helping local employers find and keep quality local talent. 

GSCM will be the most engaging and supportive mentoring program available in Central New York. With current statistics showing that more than half of adults in Central New York only have the equivalent of (or less than) a high school diploma, we understand that many first-generation college students may not feel like Greater Syracuse offers a place for them to work after graduation. Our mentoring program will help shift that perspective. By connecting Say Yes Scholars with professionals in our community, we’ll show current students not only that they have a place here – they can also make an impact here. 

Interest in Becoming a Mentor?

Right now, we are looking for 15-30 mentors for these Say Yes Scholars as they prepare to start college in the fall. We are asking professionals across the Central New York community to lend their expertise by volunteering their time as a mentor.

Please support this important mission by becoming a mentor, and/or by spreading the word through your networks. This is only a 5-10 hour commitment per month, and your investment of time will leave a measurable impact in our community.

Please email to share interest and ask questions.

Connecting With Your Mentor

Students and mentors will connect through our interactive digital platform, powered by premier tech vendor Qooper. This was a critical component as the GSCM program launched during the pandemic, and it will help the program be successful well into the future – especially for students who want to attend colleges outside of the immediate Syracuse area.

The platform provides an easy-to-reference overview of what students and mentors can expect from the GSCM program. Features include the ability to send messages and hold private video calls, set goals and track milestones, participate in group discussions and forums, access resources, provide feedback to Believe in Syracuse, and more. It can be accessed on Mac and PC computers through web browsers, as well as through an app on iPhone and Android smartphones. The platform also offers calendar integration and synchronization with Microsoft Office 365 & Google’s GSuite.

Access to the app is secure and only available to students and mentors by invitation.

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